Mac用 入力支援ツール「BetterTouchTool」のアイコン。

 BetterTouchTool(以下、BTT)はドイツのAndreas Hegenbergさんが開発しているAppleのMagic TrackpadやMouse, 感圧タッチトラックパッドなどの入力デバイスにシステム設定以上のジェスチャーや機能を設定できるMac用ユーティリティアプリですが、そのAndreasさんが現在の仕事を辞め2018年02月01日以降インディー開発者としてアプリを開発していくことを決めたそうです。

I have decided to try to become an indie developer and focus on my own things, maybe doing some freelance stuff on the side. […]There are still many details to be clarified, but I’ll definitely go completely self employed on 1. of February 2018. I have decided to try this for at least two years and see whether I can continue to create enough cool stuff to be able to live off it.
Have a great year 2018 and be prepared for some cool news, I’m really looking forward to all this and will keep you updated!

Going Self Employed – BetterTouchTool


Andreas Hegenbergが開発しているBetterTouchTool