macOSとLinuxで仮想カメラをネイティブサポートし、直接ZoomやGoogle Meetなどに映像を出力できるようになったライブ配信アプリ「OBS Studio 26.1」がリリース。

OBS Studio 26.1 release note 仕事効率化

 macOSとLinuxで仮想カメラをネイティブサポートし直接ZoomやGoogle Meetなどに映像を送れるようになったライブ配信アプリ「OBS Studio 26.1」がリリースされています。詳細は以下から。

OBS Studio 26.1 Release Candidate 1

 OBS Projectは現地時間2020年12月14日、オープンソースで開発されているWindowsやMac, Linuxのクロスプラットフォームに対応したライブ配信アプリ「OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) Studio」の最新バージョンとなる「OBS Studio 26.1」をリリースしたと発表しています。

OBS Studio 26.1 release note

 OBS Studio 26.1ではRC版でテストされていた通り、macOS/Linux版でWindows版と同じく、仮想カメラがネイティブサポートされたことで、有志が開発していたプラグインOBS Virtual Cameraなしに、ZoomやGoogle Meetなどのライブ配信サービスに直接映像を出力できるようになっています。

OBS Studio 26.1 and Zoom

 仮想カメラの起動はOBS StudioのDockに配置されているコントロール → [仮想カメラ開始]から実行できますが、ない場合は[表示]メニューから[コントロール]を表示してください、

OBS Studio 26.1でコントロールを表示

また、OBS Studio 26.1ではWindowsとmacOSで利用されているx264やQtのバージョンも最新のバージョンに更新されパフォーマンスが向上し、以下の通り、数多くの改善/不具合修正が行われているのでユーザーの方はアップデートしてみてください。

New Features and Additions

  • Added Virtual Camera output on macOS [johnboiles/PatTheMav]
  • Added Virtual Camera output on Linux (requires v4l2loopback-dkms) [catxfish/cg2121]
  • Added the ability to use a separate audio track for the VOD when using Twitch [Jim]
    • If using Simple output mode, enable “Enable Advanced Encoder Settings”, and enable “Twitch VOD Track (Uses Track 2)”. Twitch VOD output will then be on audio track 2
    • If using Advanced output mode in the Streaming tab, enable “Twitch VOD Track” and select the track you’d like to use for it
    • Special thanks to Twitch for assisting during the development of this feature
  • Added OpenBSD support [grayed]
  • Added the ability to ingest captions coming from Decklink devices via “Decklink Captions” from the Tools menu [DDRBoxman]
  • Added hardware decoding options for stinger transitions [WizardCM]
  • Added an option to duplicate filters in the right-click context menu of filters [exeldro]
  • Added ability to copy and paste a single filter between sources [cg2121]
  • Added HLS support and ingests for YouTube [ushadow]
  • Added a Replay buffer save event to the frontend API [hgonomeg]


  • Updated dependencies on Windows and macOS (such as x264 and Qt) to their latest versions for the latest performance improvements [Jim]
  • On Linux, the program will now detect other instances that are currently running and warn the user about running more than one copies at a time [clockley]
  • When creating a new profile, you will be now be given the option to run the auto-configuration wizard [JohannMG]
  • Changed the “Enforce Streaming Service Bitrate” to “Ignore streaming service setting recommendations”, moved it to the Streaming section of the Settings window, and made it so it now affects both Simple and Advanced output modes. [Jim]
  • Maximum limitations for streaming services are now shown in the Streaming section of the Settings window [Jim]
  • Streaming services may now apply resolution and framerate limits on streams to their services [Jim]

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where the “Save Replay” button would stay highlighted after being clicked [offthegrid-mike]
  • Fixed a bug where the Media source would have unusual lag playing back certain media files (particularly WMV files) [Jim]
  • Fixed an issue where Facebook streaming would allow you to select resolutions/framerates that aren’t supported [Jim]
  • Fixed certain connection issues with SRT/mpegts [pkviet]
  • Fixed a bug where you could disable the Replay Buffer even if it was currently active [Scrxtchy]
  • Fixed a bug where renaming a source would not return keyboard/mouse focus back to the list [jberenhaus]
  • Fixed an issue where ‘Paste Filters’ on sources didn’t work in all situations [WizardCM]
  • Fixed an issue where Virtual Camera & Source Toolbar hotkeys would be duplicated when switching profiles [WizardCM]
  • Fixed an issue with removing signal handlers in Lua [Scrxtchy]
  • Fixed a potential hang when repeatedly selecting and deselecting display capture sources on Windows [exeldro]
  • Fixed an issue where the replay buffer could use settings from CQP mode in CBR mode [R1CH]
  • Fixed an issue where certain recordings could not be remuxed (typically from the QSV encoder) [R1CH]