定額制アプリ配信サービス「Setapp」のアイコン。 Setapp


 Setappは米&ウクライナのソフトウェア会社MacPaw Inc.が2017年01月に公開した定額制のアプリ使用サービスで、月額9.99ドルを支払うことで以下のアプリを無制限に利用することが出来ますが、このSetappのクライアントがアップデートしたと発表しています。

The new Setapp is no longer a folder — more like a catalogue you can flip through, still with full descriptions for apps you find interesting, but also with brief summaries to give you an idea of the app’s purpose right away. It’s like a snug little store, except you already own all the merchandise.

The evolution of the revolution: Setapp gets a UI revamp. – Setapp

 新しいSetappクライアントはフォルダUIを廃止し、Mac App Storeの様にカテゴリ別に分類されて、アプリ名での検索も可能となっています。



 また、現在のSetappには2017年03月12日の段階と比較してクリップボード拡張アプリ「Unclutter」や翻訳ツール「Instant Translate」など6アプリが新たに追加されています。

  1. New Unclutter(1,200円) : クリップボード拡張アプリ
  2. New Instant Translate(1,080円) : メニューバー常駐型翻訳ツール
  3. New Dropshare(24.99ドル) : メニューバーからAmazon S3などのサーバーにファイルをアップロード出来るアプリ
  4. New Merlin Project Express(2.99ドル/月) : プロジェクト管理アプリ
  5. New n-Track Studio(€69) : スタジオマルチトラックレコーダー
  6. New News Explorer(1,200円) : iCloud同期に対応したMac/iOS/watchOS/tvOS対応のRSSリーダー

Mac App Storeから撤退したアプリ

 以下のアプリはAppleと色々[1, 2]あった結果Mac App Storeから撤退し、公式ストアでの販売、およびSetappへの参加を表明しています。

  • Sip : Color Dockやカラーパレット機能を搭載したカラーマネージメントアプリ
  • Flume : Mac用Instagramクライアント



  1. Aeon Timeline : Visual timeline software for creative writing, project and case management.
  2. Alternote : The Beautiful Note-taking App for Evernote.
  3. Archiver : Open, preview, create, and convert archives with this powerful tool on the Mac.
  4. Base : The SQLite editor for macOS.
  5. Be Focused : Boost your productivity!.
  6. BetterZip : Better archiving for your Mac.
  7. Blogo : Simple, powerful blog editor.
  8. Capto : Screen Capture, Recording and Video Editing for Mac.
  9. ChatMate for WhatsApp : The best and most powerful App for using WhatsApp on a Mac.
  10. Chronicle : Bill management & reminders.
  11. ChronoSync Express : Backup and Synchronize Like Clockwork!.
  12. CleanMyMac : The ultimate way to clean and optimize your Mac.
  13. Cloud Outliner : Outline your ideas to align your life.
  14. CodeRunner : A multi-language programming editor.
  15. Disk Drill : The Premier Mac Data Recovery and Protection Software.
  16. Downie : Download videos from YouTube, Vimeo and over 1200 other sites!.
  17. Dropshare : The most flexible file sharing tool you’ll ever use.
  18. Elmedia Player : A multifunctional player that can play & download any online video.
  19. Expressions : An app to play with regular expressions. Easily and nicely.
  20. Findings : Your research notebook, reinvented.
  21. Flume : A beautiful Instagram experience for your desktop.
  22. Focused : Minimal Writing app and Markdown Editor.
  23. Folx : A powerful download manager and a torrent client for Mac.
  24. Forecast Bar : Hyper-local weather right in your Mac’s menu bar.
  25. Gemini : The Duplicate Finder.
  26. Get Backup Pro : Advanced backup, archive, disk cloning, and folder sync software.
  27. Gifox : A delightful gif recording and sharing app.
  28. GoodTask : Task manager based on Apple’s reminders and calendars.
  29. HazeOver : Distraction Dimmer.
  30. Home Inventory : The Ultimate Home Inventory and Organization Tool.
  31. Hype : Create animated and interactive HTML5 web content.
  32. iFlicks : Your Videos in iTunes.
  33. Image2icon : Your Mac, your icons.
  34. iMazing : The iPhone, iPad & iPod Manager.
  35. Instant Translate : Instant Translate is the best way to break language barriers.
  36. iStat Menus : An advanced system monitor for your menubar.
  37. iThoughtsX : Mindmapping for the Mac (and iOS).
  38. Jump Desktop : A remote desktop app that lets you securely connect to any computer.
  39. Lacona : What Siri for Mac Could Have Been.
  40. Manuscripts : A writing tool for complex documents: plan, outline, edit and share your work.
  41. Marked : Live preview and advanced tools for Markdown writers.
  42. Merlin Project Express : The slickest project management app for the Mac.
  43. MoneyWiz : One finance app. All devices. Brilliant sync!.
  44. Mosaic : Intuitive Window Management.
  45. My Wonderful Days : Take a note for today, your day.
  46. NetSpot : The professional app for WiFi site surveys, analysis, and troubleshooting.
  47. News Explorer : Powerful RSS newsreader with iCloud based synchronisation.
  48. Numi : Beautiful calculator.
  49. n-Track Studio : Studio quarlity recording, editing and mixing software with an easy workflow.
  50. PDF Squeezer : Stop working with unnecessarily big PDF documents.
  51. Pagico : Manage all your tasks, notes, files, contacts & clients in one app.
  52. Paste : Smart clipboard history & snippets manager.
  53. Permute : Convert video, audio and images to various formats.
  54. Pixa : Organising your images, the easy way.
  55. Polarr : Simple, Beautiful, Powerful Photo Editing Tools for All.
  56. RapidWeaver : Build the Website You’ve Always Wanted. No Coding Required.
  57. Remote Mouse : Remote Mouse turns iPhone, Android into a wireless remote control for Mac.
  58. Renamer : A powerful, feature-rich batch file renamer app for the Mac.
  59. SQLPro Studio : A simple, powerful database manager for macOS.
  60. Screens : Remote access to your computer from anywhere.
  61. Shimo : The swiss army knife for VPN connections – IPSec, PPTP, OpenVPN, SSL and more.
  62. Simon : Flexible server monitoring.
  63. Sip : The best way to collect, organize & share your colors.
  64. Squash : The Easiest Way to Compress and Optimise Images for the Web.
  65. Studies : Flashcards for Serious Students.
  66. TaskPaper : Plain text to-do lists.
  67. Timing : Automatic time and productivity tracking.
  68. Ulysses : A focused writing app with document management, fast sync and flexible export.
  69. Unclutter : Files, Notes and Clipboard.
  70. WiFi Explorer : Scan, monitor, and troubleshoot wireless networks.
  71. World Clock Pro : Simplify your planning and scheduling across multiple timezones.
  72. XMind : The Most Popular Mind Mapping Tool on the Planet.
  73. Yummy FTP Pro : Fast & Reliable Pro-Level FTP/S + SFTP + WebDAV/S Client.