Griffin Technology、MagSafeやLightningなどのケーブル落下防止用ホルダー「Clip」「Guide」「Hanger」「Sleeve」を発表。


 米Griffin TechnologyがCES 2015にてMagsafeやLightningケーブル用の落下防止用アイタム「Clip」「Guide」「Hanger」「Sleeve」4製品を発表しています。詳細は以下から。

Griffin Conquers Cord Clutter with a New Cable Organizer Collection at CES 2015




Part cable management and part building blocks, Guide is a stylish and customizable desktop cable organizer that allows users to have their necessary cables right where they want them. Guide consists of three magnetic pieces in varying shapes that attach onto the steel base to capture and guide cables along the desktop. The different shapes of the magnetic pieces allow for cables of various sizes to be held in place.

Users can arrange the three included steel bases anywhere on the desk to hold power, Ethernet, phone, printer, and charge cables. Whether used to prevent cables from falling when disconnected, or to run cables neatly along the back of a desk, Guide keeps everything in its place. Guide will be available in a variety of material options in Q2 2015.

Car Connections Pack featuring Clip

 ClipはLightningケーブルとオーディオケーブルをまとめられるホルダーで、iPhone 6/6 Plus用にデザインされており、同社のCar Connections Pack for iPhone 6/6Plusに付属。Car Connections Pack featuring Clipの価格は39.99ドルで2015年2月に発売予定。


Connecting an iPhone 6 to both audio and power sources is more convenient than ever with Clip. The flexible silicone Clip slides on the end of a Lightning connector charge cable and an AUX audio cable to hold the two together in the precise position to be plugged in simultaneously to the iPhone one-handed. Clip is bundled in Griffin’s Car Connections Pack with a Premium Flat AUX Cable and PowerJolt SE charger for the ultimate in car convenience. The Car Connections Pack will be available for iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus in February 2015




Inspired by the classic finger trap children’s toy, Sleeve eliminates the visual clutter and inconvenience of tangles by expanding to grasp 2 to 4 cables in a neat, tangle-free bundle. Durable strands of plastic are braided together to form an abrasion-resistant sleeve that self-closes once cables are inserted. Sleeve will be available February 2015 in 3 length options: 1’, 1.5’ and 2’




Keep power and AUX cables within arm’s reach and off the car floorboard with Hanger.
Precision-molded from durable and flexible silicone, Hanger weighs about an ounce and slides securely onto a car air conditioning vent.
Featuring three molded sockets, Hanger allows users to hang power and AUX cables when not in use and easily access them when needed. Hanger will be available February 2015 at



Griffin Conquers Cord Clutter with a New Cable Organizer Collection at CES 2015 – Griffin Technology


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