MacBook (Retina, 12-inch, Early 2016)のハンズオン動画が公開。

MacBook Retina 12inch Early 2016

 Appleが本日発売を開始しIntelのの第6世代Coreプロセッサ「Skylake」を搭載したMacBook (Retina, 12-inch, Early 2016)のハンズオン動画が公開されています。詳細は以下から。


 MacBook (Retina, 12-inch, Early 2016)のハンズオン動画を公開しているのはThe VergeやCNETで、CNETは一般的なハンズオン動画ですが、The Vergeのハンズオン動画ではアップデートされたCPU/GPUベンチへ話題が及んでおり、どちらも今後詳細なスコアを公開するそうです。


With this 2016 update, Apple has addressed some, but not all, of the issues with the original. Based on our CNET Labs testing in other computers with the second generation of Core M processors (confusingly part of Intel’s sixth generation of Core chips, also known by the code name Skylake), I’m confident that we’ll see closer-to-mainstream levels of performance, and perhaps another hour or so of battery life. Those tests are being run right now, and we’ll update this page with results when available.

Apple MacBook 2016 Release Date, Price and Specs – CNET

The Verge

Geekbench 3 pegs the speed improvements on raw processor operations at around 20 percent, but disk-write speeds using Blackmagic saw bigger improvements, as much as 80 or 90 percent faster (reading speeds look like smaller, incremental improvements). Overall, the thing feels about 25 percent faster to me.

Apple’s new MacBook feels 25 percent faster and 100 percent more pink | The Verge

 *The Vergeでは新しいMacBookはBlackmagic Disk Benchmarkのスコアが80~90%向上しているとコメントしていますが、レビュアーに配布されたモデルが旧モデルは256G、新モデルが512GBという事なので、同容量での違いはまだはっきりしていないようです。