Macのメニューバー下にホットキーで素早く表示可能な計算機アプリ「CalcBar」がmacOS Big Surに対応。



CalcBar Simple calculator for Mac

 CalcBarはAubree Kendallさんが2020年01月にリリースした計算機アプリで、ホットキーを押すだけで素早く計算式の入力が可能ですが、このCalcBarがバージョン1.4アップデートで最新のmacOS 11.1 Big Surに対応しています(それ以前のバージョンはBig Surで起動できないなどの不具合があります)。

CalcBar for Mac

This simple calculator is based on the functions used in your typical spreadsheet program. It slides in and out of the menu bar for use. If you want to keep it visible while you work on something you can lock the panel in place.

CalcBar – Mac App Store



Supported functions

  • Operators: multiplication (*), division (/), addition: (+), remainder (%), exponent (^)
  • max(x,y,…): maximum of set (x,y,…)
  • min(x,y,…): minimum of set (x,y,…)
  • avg(x,y,…): average of set (x,y,…)
  • sqrt(x): square root of x
  • pow(x,y): exponent (x to the power y))
  • abs(x): absolute value of x
  • floor(x): round x down to the nearest integer
  • ceil(x): round x up to the nearest integer
  • round(x):round x to the nearest integer
  • mod(x,y):remainder of x divided by y)
  • log(x,y): logarithm of x with base y
  • ln(x): natural logarithm of x
  • sin(x): sine of x
  • cos(x): cosine of x
  • tan(x): tangent of x
  • arcsin(x): arcsin (or inverse sine) of x
  • arccos(x): inverse cosine of x
  • arctan(x): inverse tangent of x
  • atan2(y,x): four-quadrant inverse tangent of Y and X
  • pi: returns the value of pi