Adobe、Appleの「QuickTime for Windows」サポート終了に伴い、AppleからProResのライセンスを受けた機能をCCに追加。


 AdobeがAppleの「QuickTime for Windows」サポート終了に伴い、AppleからProResのライセンスを受けた機能をCCに追加する計画を発表しています。詳細は以下から。


 Appleは2016年4月QuickTime for Windowsに2つの脆弱性を残したままサポートを終了し、米キュリティ機関のUS-CERTはQuickTime for Windowsをアンインストールするように呼びかけていましたが、


 QuickTimeに依存した機能をサポートしていたAdobeは本日、ProResのネイティブデコード(リード)サポートを続けることを発表し、AppleからProResのライセンスと認証を受けた機能を同社のCreative Cloud製品へアップデートを通して追加していくと発表しています。


Today we’re pleased to announce that Adobe has been able to accelerate work that was already in progress to support native reading of ProRes. This new capability is fully licensed and certified by Apple, and barring any unforeseen issues during pre-release, these fixes will be included into an update to the relevant products in Creative Cloud shortly.

Apple QuickTime on Windows: Update | Creative Cloud blog by Adobe


Additionally, we are planning on adding native export support to .mov wrapped files of DNxHD and DNxHR. This support augments our currently supported import of DNxHD and DNxHR in .mov and .mxf and native export in .mxf. […] When these fixes are released most Windows users will have a seamless workflow for virtually all popular codecs even with QuickTime removed from the computer; however, we do anticipate that some older, less used legacy formats may not be directly supported and therefore no longer be accessible.

Apple QuickTime on Windows: Update | Creative Cloud blog by Adobe