Mac用多機能ランチャーアプリ「Alfred」がVersion 3のアップグレードを発表。複数のテーマが追加され、Workflow機能を強化。


 Mac用多機能ランチャーアプリ「Alfred」がVersion 3のアップグレードを発表しています。詳細は以下から。


 先日、リリースから6周年を迎えたMac用多機能ランチャーアプリ「Alfred 2 for Mac」がVersion 3へのアップグレードを行うと発表しています。

This week, Alfred celebrates his 6th birthday. While eating birthday cake is always exciting, it’s with even greater excitement that we can finally announce that Alfred version 3 is on the way, and we have a great deal for everyone!

Alfred Version 3 is Coming! – Alfred Blog

Alfred v3の新機能



The new intuitive theme editor makes it much quicker and easier to create themes, with per-theme blur settings, better control over spacing and borders, user-defined fonts and easier theme sharing.

Alfred Version 3 is Coming! – Alfred Blog

 Workflow機能が大きく進化し、オブジェクト間のフィルター機能、マルチオブジェクション移動、コピー&ペーストのテキストクリエなどが追加されるそうです。(Workflow機能については今後 紹介動画などを公開していくそうです)


Workflows have evolved to be much more flexible, allowing you to lay out and connect objects in any way you like. We’ve added object chaining, connection filters, multi-objects selection for moving, copying and pasting, query text processing, and enhancements to many of the existing workflow objects, along with some great new ones too.

Alfred Version 3 is Coming! – Alfred Blog

 Alfred v3の発売時期は記載されていませんが、Q&AによるとWorkflow機能など全ての機能が利用できる「Alfred Powerpack」を現在行われている6周年記念セールで購入してもv3への無料アップデートを行ってくれるそうなので、購入を検討されている方はこの機会にどうぞ。

Get your hands on a great deal ahead of the version 3 release:

  • New to the Powerpack? Buy a license with 10% discount (available until Friday, 4th March 2016) and get a free upgrade to v3.
  • Bought recently? If you purchased a license in 2016, you’ll also get a free upgrade to v3!
  • Got a v2 license bought before 2016? You get a great deal too! Transform your Single User license into a Mega Supporter by simply paying the difference, minus the 10% birthday discount, and get a lifetime of free upgrades!

Alfred Version 3 is Coming! – Alfred Blog