OS X 10.11 El Capitanではprocmailおよびlockfileコマンドが削除される?


 OS X 10.11 El CapitanではProcmailおよびlockfileコマンドが削除されているそうです。詳細は以下から。


 MacのストレージバックアップアプリSuperDuperb.hatenaなどを開発しているShirt PocketのDave Nanianさんや複数の開発者によると、Appleは7月21日に開発者向けに公開したOS X 10.11 El Capitan Developer Beta 4からprocmailとlockfileコマンドを”/usr/bin”から削除したそうです。

Little did we know that there was a shoe preparing to drop (although perhaps the fact that it was in /usr/bin was a hint): in El Capitan B4, Apple decided to stop shipping Procmail, and with it, lockfile. It wasn’t deprecated and then removed… it was unceremoniously sent to the bit bucket. So, as of B4, scheduling in El Capitan broke.

[Oh yeah? Well, lock *this*! – Shirt Pocket Watch]



In the end, we did none of those things. Instead, since Procmail is Open Source, we changed our build process to build lockfile as well, and included that command, unmodified, in our bundle. This also meant we had to change the scripts that were looking for lockfile to find our application bundle and call the new, “local” version of lockfile instead. And that means, unfortunately, that users have to delete and recreate their schedules.

[Oh yeah? Well, lock *this*! – Shirt Pocket Watch]

 Appleは既にDeveloper Beta 6までリリースしているためprocmailおよびlockfileコマンドが戻ってくる可能性は低そうなので、スクリプトなどでこれらを使用している方はEl Capitanにアップデートする前にチェックが必要のようです。