DEVONtech、論文&文献管理アプリ「DEVONthink for Mac/iOS」の次期メジャーアップデートとなるv3.0のBeta版を公開。


 DEVONtechが論文&文献管理アプリ「DEVONthink for Mac/iOS」の次期メジャーアップデートとなるv3.0のBeta版を公開しています。詳細は以下から。


 DEVONthinkやDEVONagentなどを開発&販売しているドイツのソフトウェア会社DEVONtechnologies, LLC.は現地時間2019年04月24日、学術論文やレポートなどを作成する上で必要なPDFや画像、Webサイトなど資料をデータベース化して管理できる文献管理アプリ「DEVONthink」の次期メジャーアップデートとなるv3.0のPublic Beta版を公開したと発表しています。

After the recent relaunches of our user community and our website some people have suspected that there is — in true Apple tradition — one more thing. And they were absolutely right, of course.Today we released DEVONthink 3.0 Public Beta with, quite literally, hundreds of new features and improvements.

DEVONthink 3.0 Public Beta – DEVONtechnologies

DEVONthink v3.0

 DEVONthink v3.0では、これまでサイド・パネルデザインだったユーザーインターフェースがアプリ内に統一され、macOS Mojave以上ではダークモードに対応し、エディタはMarkdownとHTML編集時にSide-by-Sideでライブプレビューが可能になったほか、

文献の情報やメタデータを表示するInfo Inspector, 単語の頻度を表示するConcordance Inspector, 注釈やスケジュールを表示するAnnotations and Reminders Inspector, スマートルールによるバッチ処理、カスタムメタデータ、データベーステンプレート、検索フィルタ、HTTPS接続での共有機能が追加されているそうです。

 また、v3.0で刷新される64-bit OCRエンジンはマルチコアCPUと日本語を含めたアジア圏の言語にも対応し、日本語は「Japanese」だけでなく「Japanese and English」での優先検出も追加されていました。

DEVONthink v3.0

 DEVONthink v3.0の新機能一覧は以下の通りで、DEVONthink v3.0はベースとなるDEVONthinkの他に、カスタムメタデータやOCRなどの機能を利用可能なDEVONthink Pro、共同作業が可能なDEVONthink Serverの3バージョンで展開するそうなので、興味のある方はPublic Beta版を試してみてください。

価格やリリース日は未定ですが、Mac版はPublic Beta版の配布が2019年夏までとなっており、2019年02月01日日以降に購入された方は無料ライセンス/割引価格を提供するそうです。

DEVONthink v3.0の新機能一覧

  1. Three new editions: DEVONthink, DEVONthink Pro, and DEVONthink Server. All editions support automation, multiple databases, and all file types.
  2. Added a new integrated user interface, utilizing panes versus independent windows for many functions.
  3. Added support for the dark mode color scheme in macOS Mojave.
  4. Added search prefixes, e.g. tags: or name=, to allow for more focused searches. These are also used in scripting.
  5. Added custom metadata to support situation-specific needs. Multiple data types are supported, e.g. sets, Booleans, and numbers.
  6. Added a new 64-bit OCR engine supporting multi-core processing, Asian language support, and output to multiple formats.
  7. Added encrypted databases for maximum privacy.
  8. The Sorter has been redesigned and supports: searching open databases, multiple note taking options, including audio, video, and integrated screen captures, and includes the Clip to DEVONthink function.
  9. The Clip to DEVONthink browser extension for Safari is now a native extension.
  10. Added smart rules and batch processing to execute event-driven actions on files, on a schedule or on demand.
  11. Added new, easy to use data placeholders for use in templates, imprints, and smart rules, and batch processing.
  12. Added the ability to create custom imprints, including placeholder text and Bates numbering, for use with images and PDF files.
  13. Added Tools → Summarize Highlights to create a new RTF file containing the highlighted text from selected PDF and RTF files.
  14. Added Go → To Group, Data → Move To…, and Edit → Insert Item Link commands. These allow quicker access to open, reorganize, or link to items in your databases.
  15. Sheets now support specific data types (number, date, etc.) and have a new form view.
  16. Added Tools → Create Metadata Overview to easily assemble metadata for selected files in a sheet that can be shared or exported.
  17. Added side-by-side view for editing HTML and Markdown documents.
  18. Added support for barcode detection.
  19. Added more options to convert metadata to tags, e.g. hashtags or geolocation data.
  20. Added a new web sharing interface and web server, utilizing secure connections via https: and allowing creation of users with per-database permissions.
  21. Added support for geolocation data, including the ability to enter it manually.
  22. Added ratings, 0 to 5 stars.
  23. Added Filter panes for filtering the displayed files by tags, dates and marks (label color, locked state, etc.), or geolocation data.
  24. Added the Formatting Bar, shown under the toolbar, for use with rich text documents.
  25. Added the Editing bar, displayed over the view/edit pane, for quicker editing with file type-specific tools.
  26. Added the Info Inspector, showing general information and custom metadata about selected files.
  27. Added the Annotations and Reminders Inspector, allowing you to set reminders, view Finder Comments, and create, view, and edit Annotation files. Reminders can be one-time or scheduled, and they support several alarm options, including executing scripts.
  28. Added the Content Inspector displaying: the table of contents found in some Markdown, EPUB, and PDF files, or the thumbnails for PDF files.
  29. Added the Document Inspector displaying: indexed metadata, added annotations (highlights, text, etc.) and detected links in PDF, RTF, and web-based files, e.g. web archives.
  30. Added the Concordance Inspector giving you access to a word frequency list. It also has a new Cloud view, showing a word cloud with sizes based on word weight.
  31. Added the See Also and Classify Inspector, displaying suggested filing locations for or documents related to the selected file.
  32. Added the Search Inspector providing in-document search and replace and a list of search results, allowing for viewing the context of the search term and easy navigation through the document.
  33. Added automatic image tagging using machine learning technologies.
  34. Added the Reading List sidebar to gather items you want to read or return to at a later time, e.g. to easily access bookmarks, PDF pages, or specific points in video or audio.
  35. Added the Extras sidebar providing access to up to date scripts, templates, tips and tricks, and news from us.
  36. Added an Activity pane for a less intrusive display of certain processes.