1Password for Mac/iOSがアップデート。Mac版 v5.1ではWi-Fi同期が独立し、仕事やプライベートなどVaults別の同期にも対応。


 パスワード管理アプリ1Password for Macがv5.1に、for iOSがv5.2にアップデートしています。詳細は以下から。


 AgileBitsは1Password v5.1 for Macのアップデートを”Syncerrific(Sync + riffic)”エディションと呼んでおり、以下の様に同期に関係したアップデートがなされています。

The Syncerrific Edition

1Password never prompts you for a review. We value your workflow too much to interrupt it. If you feel generous and have a couple of minutes, please leave a review. It makes a huge difference to us. Thank you in advance!

A New Vision for Sync
◆ Instantly see all your vaults and whether they are syncing.
◆ Easily set up new vaults for syncing, check when they last synced.
◆ Quickly decide whether to include/exclude a vault when Wi-Fi syncing.

Wi-Fi Sync
◆ Secondary vaults can now sync to iOS! That’s a Wi-Fi-Hi-Five if you ask us! Ok, we’ll see ourselves out.
◆ All new Preferences > Wi-Fi Server preference pane.

Multiple and Shared Vaults
◆ New secondary vaults are now more identifiable, but still ready for your personal touch.
◆ Sync your way—exclude secondary vaults from syncing at all.

Wi-Fi Server

 Mac版の1Password v5.1では”Wi-Fi Server”パネルが”同期”パネルから独立し、iCloudやDropboxと連携していなくてもWi-Fi Serverを立ち上げてアドホックにiOSデバイスと接続&同期できるようになっています。


Wi-Fi Sync users also get a whole new Preferences pane that makes setup much easier. Oh, and secondary vaults can now sync via Wi-Fi!

[1Password 5.1 for Mac: The Syncerrific Edition is here – Agile Blog]




In short, we completely overhauled how you manage sync for your primary and secondary vaults to save you time. In Preferences > Sync, you can now view all your vaults and how they sync, and change sync methods with a click.

[1Password 5.1 for Mac: The Syncerrific Edition is here – Agile Blog]


 1Password for iOSもv5.2にアップデートされ、Amazon や Tumblrなど一部サイトの”One-Time Password”をサポートし、GoogleやTwitter, Facebookなど有名なサービスのアカウントを簡単に作れる”first-ever Login Creator”という機能も追加されています。

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