AppleはWWDC 2016のセッション701″Introducing Apple File System”でFlashストレージや暗号化に焦点を当て、MacからApple Watchをカバーする新しいファイルシステム「APFS」の開発を発表しましたが、このAPFSのレビューをSolarisやDTrace, ZFSなどの開発に携わったAdam Leventhalさんが公開し話題になっています。

Apple announced a new file system that will make its way into all of its OS variants (macOS, tvOS, iOS, watchOS) in the coming years.[…]With those data points and some first hand usage I wanted to provide an overview and analysis both as a user of Apple-ecosystem products and as a long-time operating system and file system developer.

Adam Leventhal’s blog » APFS in Detail: Overview

 AdamさんのAPFSレビューはTime Machineが発表されたWWDC 2006のプロローグから始まり、暗号化, スナップショットとバックアップ, 管理(Container), Space Sharingなどに分かれているので興味のある方は確認してみてください。


I hope to see data integrity features added to APFS later, but that’s not the top priority for APFS. The top priorities for APFS are encryption/privacy, and energy efficiency. Redundancy and checksums make perfect sense for a machine plugged into the wall; they create a trade-off for devices that run on batteries. I think we’ll see these features eventually in APFS, but I’m not surprised they didn’t make the first cut.

Adam Leventhal: ‘APFS in Detail’ – Daring Fireball