Dropshareはドイツのjosten.bizが開発しているMac/iOS用のユーティリティアプリで、MacのメニューバーからAmazon S3などのサーバーにファイルをアップロードすることが出来ます。

New Features

  • Brand new popup design, includes scrollable upload history, improved progress (including aborting uploads) and display of upload queue
  • In-app editor for custom Landing Pages, including instant preview (optional Landing Page synchronization with Dropshare Sync)
  • Support for custom S3 services like DreamObjects or OpenStack
  • Improved UI and processing for Screen Recordings
  • Integration of OS X Share Menu in popup
  • Connection configurations can now be imported on the Mac
  • Preview images for PDF and movie files
  • Optionally copy URL to uploaded file to clipboard before the upload completes
  • Upload history on steroids: The History window is now more powerful and offers a full text search
  • Install the Dropshare CLI right from the Dropshare app
  • Security improvements when using SSH connections

🎉 Dropshare for Mac 4 is out now! 🎉

 Dropshare v4.0 for Macでは新たにAmazon S3互換のAPIがあるDreamObjectsとOpenStackがサポートされた他、スクリーンショットやキャストのプレビュー、アップロードファイル履歴の検索、Dropshare CLIの追加などがされています。


 DropshareはSketchなどと同様にv4.0からMac App Storeを去り(*iOS版は引き続きApp Storeで販売)直販サイトでの販売に切り替えており、価格は24.99ドルで、2016年にMac App Store版のDropshare v3.xを購入した方はレシートの確認後、無料でv4.0を提供、2015年に購入した方は50%割引になるそうなので、ユーザーの方は確認してみてください。

Dropshare for Mac 4 is a paid upgrade and costs US$ 24.99. We’re offering Upgrade Pricing to our existing customers. If you bought Dropshare for Mac 3 in 2016, you will receive Dropshare for Mac 4 as a complimentary upgrade when entering your license code or uploading your Mac App Store receipt. Customers who bought Dropshare for Mac 3 in 2015 may be eligible to receive 50% off their purchase of Dropshare for Mac 4.

🎉 Dropshare for Mac 4 is out now! 🎉

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