AV-TEST、OS XとWindows用ウィルス対策ソフトのペアレンタルコントロール機能比較データを公開。


 AV-TEST、OS XとWindows用ウィルス対策ソフトのペアレンタルコントロール機能の比較データを公開しています。詳細は以下から。






 AV-TESTがこの調査で使用したペアレンタルコントロールソフト/アプリは以下の17製品で、OS Xに搭載されているペアレンタルコントロール機能やMicrosoftのファミリーセーフティなども含まれています。

  1. Apple:OS Xのペアレンタルコントロール
  2. Bitdefender:Bitdefender Internet Security 2015
  3. BullGuard:BullGuard Premium Protection
  4. eScan:eScan Internet Security Suite
  5. F-Secure:F-Secure Safe Internet Security 2015
  6. Kaspersky:Kaspersky Internet Security 2015
  7. Kaspersky:Kaspesky Safe Kids Beta
  8. McAfee:MacAfee Family Protection
  9. Microsoft:Microsoft Family Safety 2011
  10. Mobicip:Mobicip
  11. Net Nanny:Net Nanny
  12. Quickheal:Quickheal Internet Security
  13. Salfeld:Salfeld Kindersicherung 2014
  14. Salfeld:Salfeld Kindersicherung 2015 Beta
  15. Symantec:Norton Security
  16. Telekom:Telekom Kinderschutz Software
  17. Trend Micro:Trend Micro Internet Security 2015

 AV-TESTの調査は12,000の子供たちには不適切なサイトを各ソフトがどれだけブロックできたかを調べており、結果としてSymantecのNorton SecurityやQuickheal, Trend Microのソフトが最も高い確率で不適切なサイトをブロックし、13,000の子供に適切なサイトにも同様のテストをしたところBitdefenderが13%の確率でブロックしてしまったそうです


The analysis of the 12,000 websites definitely unsuitable for children is excellent for most of the products, whereby it is unrealistic to expect to achieve 100 percent in the test, however. Because if the various filters are too sensitively adjusted, this prevents visiting websites that are in fact suitable. This can then result in what is known in professional circles as overblocking. In real terms, this means that harmless websites are constantly blocked, thus causing frustration among kids. The packages from Symantec, Quickheal and Trend Micro are particularly effective at sorting out and blocking websites with very high success rates.

[Test: Parental control software for Windows and Mac OS X – AV-TEST]



In particular, the tested enhanced features of Windows and Mac OS X only pay attention to the category of “sex, pornography, nudity”. It is necessary for them to catch missing categories with logical detection algorithms and word matching.

[Test: Parental control software for Windows and Mac OS X – AV-TEST]



On some applications, protection for Facebook is included among the additional features. It is intended to ensure that harmful links and spam are intercepted. This function is offered by only 7 out of the 17 applications. Somewhat surprising: Only the 4 dedicated parental control software packages prevent children from getting around the protection function by running Windows in safe mode.

[Test: Parental control software for Windows and Mac OS X – AV-TEST]



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