Mac用Twitterアプリ「Tweetbot for Twitter」がv2.1.1へアップデート。複数の不具合を修正。


 Mac用Twitterアプリ「Tweetbot for Twitter」がv2.1.1へアップデートし複数の不具合を修正しています。詳細は以下から。


 先週v2.1をリリースしたTweetbot for Twitterですが、v2.1.1では新しいツイートやShow/Hideのホットキー、検索窓に検索ワードを打ち込めない現象やクイックリプライでリプライテキストが入力されていない現象など多くの不具合が修正されています。


バージョン 2.1.1 の新機能

– Fixed “New Tweet” and “Show/Hide” global hot keys.
– Fixed an issue where if you have no activity, the progress view spins forever.
– Fixed an issue with gestures being reversed in certain cases.
– Fixed an issue with notification quick replies where tweets didn’t contain the reply text.
– Fixed the command-shift-l shortcut and opening links opposite of what your “Open Links in Background” preference was.
– Fixed an issue with the search tab where you couldn’t start typing into the search field.
– Fixed an issue where an existing direct message column wouldn’t be created properly.
– Fixed a possible crasher when user search was in a column and the main window was closed.
– Fixed an issue where pressing spacebar at the top of your tweets would scroll down and obscure the first tweet.
– Fixed an issue where if you had enough columns, you would see an “Enter Fullscreen” menu item. Fullscreen mode is currently in development.
– Fixed a font change that affected some fonts on 10.10.x.
– Fixed some layout issues with tweets in 10.11.
– Fixed some reported crashes.

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